Many of our graduate students go on to apply their research findings outside of academia (e.g. in non-profit organizations, start-ups, existing companies, and governmental organizations), yet we know that these successes and career options are not always visible to our PhD students. To address this need, Arbor Networks partnered with the College of Engineering to create the Arbor Networks PhD Research Impact Lecture and Award

Just as Arbor Networks applies research driven approaches to solving important problems, this award serves to highlight the diverse ways in which our alumni have had societal impact. Research with a greater purpose and the potential to benefit many is a core underlying principle of this award. The overall goals of this award are to:

  1. Celebrate the success of our alumni.
  2. Provide an opportunity for our PhD students to interact with alumni whose work has had impact outside of academia.
  3. Celebrate the successes of Arbor Networks.